Sunday, 19 April 2015

3 Quick & Easy Updo's

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you just really can't be bothered to do anything with your hair! This is me most weekday mornings as I try to scrape my hair up into something semi-presentable for school. These are my current go-to hair styles at the moment, along with my discovery of dry shampoo- something that I used to believe was honestly a gimmick. After a few quick spritz of the Batiste Cherry scented dry shampoo and massaging it into my scalp, I get to work and create these effortless mini works of art.

3 Quick & Easy Updo's | Cate Renée

I usually chuck my hair up into a high pony tail and then tease and back comb the ponytail, but for some reason today it just went straight up without needing to brush or tie it with an elastic. Using a few bobby pins I swept my hair around into a bun and secured in place. I also love to pull bits of hair surrounding my face out and run them threw a curling wand.

3 Quick & Easy Updo's | Cate Renée

This hairstyle is perfect when you want to look like you've put a small amount of effort in and I think the messier the better! Only down side is you gotta know how to braid and need a zillion bobby pins, but works much better with second or third day hair and also leaves a nice wave throughout when undone.

3 Quick & Easy Updo's | Cate Renée

I love this look with both curly and straight hair, and is super easy for those Monday mornings you have a big test on and little time to do your hair. I'm lucky enough to be able to leave my hair to air dry and it look half normal, but if your hair is a little less tame, add some mousse or run it through your favourite styling tool.


  1. Half up in a bun is my faaaavorite look. I'd wear it all the time.

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  2. Thanks for sharing. I've been seeing a lot of people do that half-up bun lately; it's definitely in.

    Brooke | brookewrote

  3. Most days I put my hair in a pony tail as i'm too lazy or don't have the time. This post is great and it's given me some ideas/tips on how to do something else with my hair x

    Beauty with charm


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